Refugees prefer Germany to France

Refugees snub France in search of better life

Refugees are welcomed in France earlier this month,but many choose to seek asylum elsewhere. Photo: AFP

They dream of a better life in Germany, Sweden or Holland, but one country appears glaringly absent from the lips of refugees on their arduous journey to Europe: France.

So why are refugees skirting Europe’s second largest economy, once seen as the promised land for asylum-seekers?

“France is not good for my future, and on top of that it doesn’t have the reputation of easily giving a residence permit,” said Edward, a 24-year-old from Baghdad waiting in Stockholm for a boat to Finland.

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Pro-refugee rallies due as Europe squabbles

Pro-refugee rallies due as Europe squabbles

Refugees waiting at a railway station in Budapest in Hungary. Photo: Attila Kisbenedek / AFP

The Europe-wide “day of action” includes dozens of events across several nations with the biggest demonstration expected in London. There are also rival anti-migrant events due to take place, notably in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

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One in four expats to France came to country because of a relationshipT

How do you compare to a typical expat in France?

One in four expats to France came to country because of a relationship. Photo: AFP

Published: 01 Sep 2015 15:42 GMT+02:00

 The study by the global expat network InterNations looked at expats in 64 countries. Here’s what it has to say about foreigners living and working in France.